Friday, 26 June 2015

James M. Cain and Mildred Pierce

A year or two ago I discovered HBO's Mildred Pierce and through that I came to discover the author of the original book, James M. Cain.

Having already seen and loved the mini series -which is one of the truest book-to-film adaptations of that I've ever seen- I quickly fell under the author's spell.

These are the 3 James M. Cain novels I've gone through so far: Mildred Pierce (1941), Serenade (1937) and Double Indemnity (1943). I've enjoyed all three and I plan to keep reading more.

Mildred Pierce remains my favourite so I couldn't resist adding some pictures of the super-talented Kate Winslet from the mini series in
glorious 1930s-1940s attire.

You can find some Mildred Pierce links that I enjoyed here, here and here.
For beautiful images of Kate and the mini-series, click here.


  1. Nice Book!! Thanks for the suggestion, will keep it in mind for this year's vacation!! Filakia!

    1. If you get around to reading, it let me know what you thought of it.

  2. Το βιβλιο δεν το εχω διαβασει αν και καπου το πηρε το ματι μου..
    Τα φορεματα της εποχης τελεια, αυτο που μου αρεσει ομως πιο πολυ ειναι τα μαλλια τους. Τωρα που και τα δικα μου ψιλομακρυναν κοιταω τι και πως να τα κανω και ολο εποχης χτενισματα βρισκω..


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