Sunday, 23 August 2015

In The Mail - The Sweetest Thing

The other day I got the sweetest package in the mail from my lovely blogger friend Zina.

 These are the winsome favours she carefully created and selected for her little boy's baptism.

 The 2 handmade leather bracelets with matching brooch have handmade evil eye beads and charming mother of pearl crosses and the candy next to them has chocolate centres..... 

Well, it HAD chocolate centres before it disappeared by a sneaky little hand (captured above) surrepticiously removing -and consuming- them one by one....

 And all of this came in a pretty box - aptly green and blue and boyish all over.
Thank you, Zina! 
May the little one have a charmed life and always be a joy to you!


  1. That is adorable! I love the handmade evil eye beads!

    1. That's exactly what they are, Duni!

  2. Τζια μου σε ευχαριστω παρα πολυ για τα καλα σου λόγια! Και ευχομαι να σας γλυκανα και εγω λιγακι :)

    Τιμη μου και χαρα μου που σας αρεσαν! καλοφορετα και χιλια ευχαριστω για τις ευχες!!!!

    1. Mas aresan paaaara poli!
      Einai apla yperoxa!
      Ego se euxaristo.


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