Tuesday, 27 October 2015

In The Mail - Make Do and Mend

I've been fascinated by the WWII make and mend pamphlets for a long time.
It's the waste-not-want-not philosophy that used to be the norm rather than the exception that appeals to me and it's also about the practical homemaking skills that our mothers and grandmothers used to have and that most of us nowadays are blissfully unaware of.

I've hastily gone through it and I can say that it's a wonderful book full of past wisdom that we could use more of today.
I'll take some pictures of the contents at a later date to share when I've had the chance to read it through.

I got mine here if you need more info on the book itself.


  1. Νομίζω είναι κομμάτι της ιστορίας το συγκεκριμένο εγχειρίδιο! Φανταστικό ! Φιλιά Τζία μου!

    1. Ontos, einai ena para poli endiaferon vivlio, Athina. To sistino anepifilakta.


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