Tuesday, 24 November 2015

In The Mail - Styrofoam Head

I got a styrofoam manniquin head in the mail the other day and I couldn't resist putting a large flower crown on it and playing around with it.

Did you know that these adult-sized female display heads are much smaller than an average adult female head?
Really, what's the point in that?

I have actually tried to get my hands on a canvas head block online but that has proven to be a bit difficult because the ones I've found are overseas and there's a hefty shipping fee attached to a thing that heavy!! (Seriously, have you seen what they charge for overseas shipping?!)

I have also attempted to make my own canvas head form out of a pattern of my own making and stuff it. 
My first attempt was not quiet successful as the shape is more of a hot air balloon rather than a head and it's on the small side as far as size goes. 
But I learnt a couple of things that will make my second attempt more succesful. (And I still use it in a pinch when I need something to try something out on a 'head' and there are no models in sight.....)

I may share that first canvas head form in a post one of these days. If there's anyone out there who is having the same difficulties as me in getting their hands on one, maybe they'd like to give it a go as well and benefit from my attempt.

And untill I make a new -better- one I'll be using my new styrofoam head to take pictures of headbands and hair flowers and maybe a hat or two that I've got planned.....

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