Saturday, 12 March 2016

Vintage 1940s Vogart Appliques

Beautiful, vibrant, vintage floral applique by Vogart from the 1940s or 1950s with 3 different flowers: blue and pink hydrangeas, colourful tulips and a very big, very pink water lilly.

I got these a couple of years ago from The Last Pixie on etsy and it's taken me this long to get up the nerve to actually contemplate cutting them up and using them.

I get like that with rare vintage items that have a special hold on my heart.
 It's not like you can go out and buy another set to replace them if it turns out that you're not happy with the outcome of your project......

Now I know that I want to make a bag with one or more of these. A big, tote-style bag, something like the bag Marilyn Monroe is holding at the beach in this picture.

This is the back of the Vogart packaging with instructions on how to use the appliques and all sorts of suggestions on what to use them on: towels, wash cloths, dresses, table linens, scarves, doilies, aprons, bedspareds, draperies, blouses.
Personaly, if I didn't have the bag in mind, I'd put them on cushions and give my sofa a spring makeover.

Don't you just love the 1940s bedroom and fashion sketches?
It's great to see how they would probably have been used by women at the time these were being manufactured.

I want to incorporate them in a Vintage Pattern Pledge make, so I'll be searching for an authentic bag pattern to add them to.

The Last Pixie

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