Tuesday, 17 May 2016

White Camelia

This is a new kind of flower I attempted, in a style totally different to any I have made before. 
I was asked by C for a camelia-type flower -but on the flat side- and this is the result of that request.

The larger one is 6 inches wide and will be sewn directly onto C's wedding dress and the smaller flower which measures about 5 inches across is a hair flower, attached to a bobby pin - which you can see in the picture directly below. 

 What's totally different in this flower compared to all my other flowers is that I have not singed the edges of the organza. This may sound completely trivial but, in fact, it means that the flat organza material will remain a flat piece of material without any further manipulation and it also means that the petals will fray with use.

Which is why I have never attempted to use un-singed organza petals to make flowers before.
Which is ironic really if you think that I like the shabby chic, deshabille look....

But, while I'd happily fray cotton or silk or any number of other fabrics, there's just something about organza that's too pristine and elegant in my mind to spoil or mess with.
I did enjoy making this though and I love how it turned out. I just may play around with the fraying organza idea in the future.

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  1. Your organza camellia turned out gorgeous! Back when I worked corporate this flower was part of my "uniform" :)

  2. Είναι απλά υπέροχο!!


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