Friday, 17 June 2016

View From The Castle

Last week we visited another fabulous greek castle, Palamidi, at the historic city of Nafplion.
This is the view from one of the openings of the fortress wall and one of my favourite pictures. It has hardly captured the intensity of the blue of the sea or the breath-taking beauty of the glorious miniature view seen through the tunnel of sturdy, thick rock but I simply had to share it.
With more to come....

If you want to walk around the castle, have a look here or here.
For some great pictures, see here.
And if you want to read up on the castle itself, try this, this, this or a visitor's guide.


  1. Replies
    1. And the picture completely pales in comparison to the real view, Dori...
      The real view was in the most vivid of vivid technicolor! I've never seen such a mesmerizing intense blue sea before.

  2. I love the perspective of this shot!
    I must visit Greece one of these days :)

    1. You really should, Duni! It's such a beautiful place!


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