Friday 28 October 2016

Flower Bouquet

These flowers were all part of an order that I sent out a while back.
It's like a bunch of some of my very favourite flowers.

These are huge and fluffy -but light as a feather- and I love the ombre gradation of gold to the palest yellow.

This little coral flower hair clip with the unexpected flecks of gold and yellow is such a joyous pop of colour that it always makes my day.

And these teal hair pins! I just adore the deep teal colour and the curly texture of the petals!

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  1. These are as pretty as ever! I particularly like the coral and cream ones :)

  2. Beautiful! The blue pins are my favoriet.

  3. All your flowers are so beautiful, I love them!!!

  4. Τι υπέροχα που είναι όλα και πόσο ρομαντικά!


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