Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March Bracelet

Today is the first day of March!
Starting today, tradition has it that folks wear red-and-white twisted string bracelets.

The wearing of such bracelets has its roots in ancient Greece and is always connected with the welcoming and celebration of Spring. It also acts as a talisman of sorts, as it is said to protect the sensitive faces of the young from the harsh rays of the sun.

 It's worn for a month and upon the close of March you put it on a rose bush or tree for the newly arrived swallows to find and use it in building their nest.

Mine are made of waxed cotton cord and I've added some red and white beads to two of them. I've used adjustable knot ends that make the bracelet easy to wear and secure. You can see them here.

See traditional and non-traditional March bacelets here.

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