Friday, 22 July 2011

Mermaids - New EuropeanStreetTeam Challenge

I am thrilled to be hosting the new European Team challenge this week!
The lovely Estella of StarOfTheEast has graciously turned over the honour of choosing the new theme to me, which I gladly accept.

So, without further ado, the new challenge theme is : Mermaids

This is a collection  of some beautiful vintage mermaids I found - for inspiration.

The rules for the challenge are simple.

1.You must be a member of the European Etsy Street Team.

2. Your entry must be a new creation inspired by the current theme.
No re-listings please.

Entries will be accepted until the 7th of August and the winner will be announced on the 8th of August.

The way you interpret the theme is according to your own taste, style and inspiration.

Maybe thinking of the deep blue sea, sparkling scales, seafoam, starfish , shells and other sea-creatures, female sirens and mythical beauties will help....

Just click on 'Mermaid Challenge- Entries' to link up your listing and join the challenge.
I hope you enjoy playing around with the theme.

I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'll be posting some great etsy mermaid-inspired items in the next few days for even more inspiration.


  1. δυσκολο θεμα.. ωραια παρουσιαση !!!!!

  2. Loooove this theme!
    And such beautiful and inspirational illustrations you've found on the subject!

  3. Thank you so much for the new theme and the rich treasury of inspirational images!

    Only ... the deadline is the 7 of August I suppose! :)
    Can't believe we are so far in the year already, too!

  4. Great new theme!!! And lovely inspirational illustrations you have found!

  5. Beautiful theme! Count me in :)

  6. wow these are inspiring for sure!!

  7. lovely inspiration! :D
    I'm thinking...

  8. Fantastic theme . . so glad I spotted this great challenge.
    Have to say I have come over all mermaid this week and am working madly towards the deadline.
    Love that it has to be in our own "shop style" - I love a challenge !!!!!!

  9. i entered my entry, phew! looking forward to see yours too, ladies! :))

  10. Congrats to FishMakeWishes - such beautiful earrings.
    Enjoyed the challenge so very much - what fun !!


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