Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Canvas Leaf Box

These are two little fabric boxes I made for the leaf themed challenge of the European Etsy Team.

You know how I've been obsessed with these leaves lately....

so, as you can imagine, a leaf challenge was pretty welcome!

These fabric boxes are pretty popular around this house.

There's so much we use them for.

And they're listed in the shop.

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  1. Very cute, I can see that they would be useful to hold many items around the house.

  2. How cute! These would be fun to store supplies in!

  3. Well, those are adorable!
    Nice stitched lines. :)

  4. Fantastic and so useful. Love it!

  5. Those are really cute! Already I'm thinking there'd be dozens of uses for them around my place: loose change, keys, hair bands, Q-tips and cotton balls...my tailor's chalk and res-Q tape...

  6. They are so unique and pretty!

  7. Great little boxes. I'm pinning them. I'm a new follower from Homework's blog hop. Have a good day!

  8. Adorable, love em! I wonder how hard it would be to scale them up to be toy storage instead of lipstick...

  9. @Christina aka TheBabbyMama
    With sturdy fabric you can go quite large and it still keeps it's shape.
    We've got quite a few for toys around the house but it's usually for those little ones that get lost easily.
    All in all, they're very versatile. You can put in anything....They're a real hit in the sock drawer too.


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