Friday, 28 September 2012

Dusky Rose Organza Flower

Yes, I have a new flower to show.
It's a dusky pink that has stolen my heart.

I honestly didn't expect to like it so much but as soon as I had a bunch of petals together, I knew it was my new favourite!

This version has soft lilac tulle as well as a baby pink tulle that has holes so much bigger it might be a net.
These change the colour of the flower noticably, to a hue that's much more purple than if the organza was used on its own.

As for the leaves, they were an unexpected hit and now I'm having trouble trying something else....

Vintage red linen so crisp you'd like to work with it for ever.

The beads are a deep burgundy-brown and I think they've also fitted in nicely.

The back.
A clever pin back/ hair clip that allows you to wear it in so many ways.

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  1. Beautiful and love the idea: pin back/ hair clip!!

  2. The color is the perfect pink shade for fall! And I love the back and that it allows you to wear it so many ways!

  3. It's gorgeous! I have recently discovered a love for pink I never knew I had and this certainly is pink. =)

  4. It's GORGEOUS!! I love this colour :)


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