Friday, 30 November 2012

How To Make A Simple Scarf - a DIY for Absolute Beginners

This step by step instructions tutorial on how to make a simple scarf is for absolute beginners. 
While the scarf in the photos is a small square scarf, the steps are the same for any shape and size you would like to make.

1. Decide on your fabric and shape.
(This tutorial is basically for fabrics that fray, like cotton, linen, etc when you want to have a neat, stitched finish.) 
If you want a perfectly square scarf, and you don't want to get out your tape measure, just  fold your fabric over until you make a perfect triangle. 
Open it up, it's a perfect square.

 2.If you're pretty new at this and are not confident of your sewing skills, or if you just want everything super neat and tidy, it helps if you use an iron to flatten out all your seams before you stitch them.
This is how you do it.
Fold over a thin strip of fabric making sure that it's the same width all the way down. Press this down with your iron untill flat. 

 Once you've done this, fold it over again, in the same way, and press it flat with the iron again.
Do this for each side.

3. Stitch over all sides paying attention to the corners.

 Use pins to keep the fabric in place and help you make them align perfectly.

Tip: When stitching something that will see a lot of wear, backstitch a little so that you don't have unravelled stitches later.

You have just made your very own scarf!
Now you can go ahead and make some more for your friends and family! 
 They make for cute Christmas gifts.

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  1. Congrats! Challenge met!!!! I love the look of a smaller scarf like this when I wear a blazer--or to tie over a ponytail. Thanks for joining the challenge girly!

  2. This scarf would look great teamed with white pants or denim jeans, for a casual look. It looks great!!! I used to wear a lot of scarves like this... I should do so again.

  3. Mine and your scarves are so similar with the technique.. But I used a rolled hem for finishing ;)

  4. Great idea !! So beautiful and simple. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. The is great for us that are still in tshirts in December! Love the pictures and closes ups of your machine.


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