Thursday, 15 November 2012

Newest Silk Ruffle Cuff in Dark Champagne Shantung Silk

Here's my newest ruffle cuff and it's in a beautiful shantung silk -just like my last one. Only this one's a dark champagne gold that shimmers with the characteristic glow of this particular kind of silk.

It has a wide vintage cotton lace in antique white.

The edges are purposely left raw for a shabby chic feel.
I have finished cuffs off with stitched edges and  the result is quite nice, but usually they tend to look much stiffer, without the flow that these -untreated- ones have.
I suppose it's simply a matter of taste.
Or mood.

The ribbon that secures the cuff to the wrist is natural cotton in a darkish camel beige.

I have some more golden silks I want to try out in these cuffs.
And I'm looking forward to doing some black ones with black lace again, like this one.

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  1. I like the dark silk with the white lace...a nice mix!

  2. This is uber-gorgeous!! Very very romantic. I could see this peeking out daintily from a warm winter coat.


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