Thursday, 25 July 2013

Anna And Dustin

Anna was sweet enough to share some pictures of her beautiful June 2013 wedding with me.

I just love the soft pink, blue and yellow accents surrounding them.
This wedding must have been a real pleasure to attend.

Everything looks so pretty and well-planned.
I love that bouquet!

And some Fairytale Flowers on the glowing bride's sash.
What an honour!

Aren't they a wonderful couple?

 Wedding Photography by Mary MacLane Photography


  1. Beautiful photos! Your sash looks great on the bride :)

  2. She's such a radiant bride!
    Anything would look good on her!

  3. really beautiful wedding photos! and your creation is simply always!!!

  4. The accessories of the bride really a perfect match with the bride's wedding dress. Just like Korean rhinestones perfect for wedding accessories that every bride would love to wear.


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