Wednesday 11 December 2013

Golden Wood Nymph Hair Wreath

Lately I've been making hair wreaths.
 This is something very new and exciting for me as, even though they've been on my to-make list forever, I'd never attempted them before.

These hair wreaths are an all glitzy-and-glamorous gold admixture of leaves and pine cones which conjures up images of festivities and revels to me.

The pictures are admitedly not the best but I'm hoping that when I shoot them on a model they will reveal all their grecian godess potential.
(Anyone out there who would like to model this for me?)

But for now this is all you get and I'm hoping you can see them through my eyes....

If you look closely at the photos you can see that there's a hint of shabby-chic about the leaves -that I particularly like.  

Each wreath is unique and distinct. 
No two are identical.

I've posted one in Fairytale Flower already.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic project on The Inspiration Board at homework. I featured you today! Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you Carolyn!
      It's an honour to be featured in your lovely blog amongst such wonderful creativity!

  2. It´s so lovely!! You´re sooo inspiring, dear Lady.

    1. Thank you Rosy!
      That's such a nice thing to say!
      I loved your vintage hat and scarf and I loved browsing through your blog.

  3. love it! have to give it a try.
    found you via the blog party and hope you'll stop by my site today!

    happy holidays, and smiles to you.



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