Saturday 28 June 2014

Sweet Nothings

I love this champagne organza.
I've had it for a while now and I always seem to be making new flowers with it. 
It never gets old for me.


  1. Good Morning to you, I have just popped over to visit you after seeing your beautiful flower at Natasha in Oz, Say G'Day party. The flowers you have made are exquisite and I love the bead work in the centre. Although my blog is mainly a cooking blog, I do love sewing and especially bead work.
    It is lovely to meet you and I have enjoyed my visit so much that I have become a new follower.
    Best Wishes to you.

    1. Hi, Daphne!
      Thank you for saying all those wonderful things.....
      Loved your blog too. Followed you on google+


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