Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bronze Sparrow Necklace

 This is a necklace I made for a friend the other day.

I've found myself being drawn more and more to the antique bronze selections in jewelry lately. So much so that I went on etsy and bought a variety of bronze jewelry supplies.

I haven't made any jewelry for what must surely be a couple of years now but it turns out it's just like riding a bike......After a couple of wobbly paces, it's just like you never stopped!

On my search for the findings that would call out to me, one of the first to catch my eye was a little bronze sparrow suspended in flight! 

I loved this little guy so much I bought multiples. I plan to make a long necklace for myself that will feature this little bronze bird pretty heavily.

It's a safe bet to say you'll probably be seeing more of him.....

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  1. Wow love it! Lucky friend!!! Kisses!!

  2. λατρευω και εγω τελευταια το αντικε μπρουντζο αλλα και το χαλκο...βγαζουν κατι απο το παρελθον. Το κολιε σου Τζια μου ειναι καταπληκτικο!


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