Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bridal Flower Headpiece

This is a custom order, oversized flower headpiece I did just last week for a bride who loves her flowers - and is no shrinking violet! You need to have confidence to wear a floral crown of this magnitude. And just look at the size of these flowers! They are enornmous!

I adore oversized flower headdresses! The bigger the better, I say. They remind me of flower fairies and other romanticized creatures that populate fairytales and legends.

 There are 8 flowers in total attached to the ribbon but they are of varying sizes. The organza I used was selected in a white and ivory mix and there's some silver thrown in there as well, in the centres of most flowers.

 I thoroughly enjoyed making this flower wreath and I hope that she loves wearing it on her wedding day.

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  1. υπέροχο και άκρως ρομαντικο!


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