Sunday, 21 August 2011

Brand New Circle Bag!

The latest challenge of the European Etsy Team , hosted by the marvellous Fishes Make Wishes is all about Geometric Beauty.
Since I've been making lots of Circle Brooches lately, I thought it would be a cop-out to just add one of those as my entry....
The point of these challenges is to be inspired to make something completely new.
So, springing off the challenge -but not being able to get away from the Circle alltogether-  I give you:

As the -pretty descriptive- title suggests, it's a fully reversible white cotton bag...with a really big circle on it.

Which just happens to be a pocket.
It's like a giant Circle Brooch, made out of circles in a variety of my favourite red, pink and white fabrics.

Their edges -just like the brooches'- are  unfinished in order to get the shabby chic look that seems to be becoming something of a mania for me lately.

If you turn it inside-out, you get an antique-white natural cotton canvas bag.
Plain but for a square pocket in the same canvas with red stitching.

This is also made to fray into shabby-chicness. 
The straps are long wide and made of the same white cotton used on the outer bag.

Though it's not a big bag, it fits quite a lot because it's shaped like a market bag.

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  1. This is gorgeous and I love your ruffle cuff bracelets! Thanks for entering my blog button giveaway! ~Bri~

  2. That is such a cuuuute bag! I want to make myself one. Love the shabby chic look!

  3. I love this bag! So colorful and cheerful and it has texture to it!

  4. What a great looking bag! Thanks for linking it to the 52 week challenge.

  5. This is totally cute! I love the raw edges of the applique, and with the top-stitching, it looks very chic and fun!
    You've made a follower out of me!
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!
    p.s. I sew bags too. I hope you'll check out my blog.

  6. ~Via Carolyn's Homework
    This is a great tote! I don't know why, but it totally calls to me!

  7. Qué bonito! me encantó!


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