Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Creative Space- Waxed Cord Sister Bracelets

The other day my sister requested some waxed cord bracelets, as the old ones had given up the ghost after about a year of constant wear -and tear. (She never takes them off, not even in the shower or at the beach.)

These three bracelets are the fruit of our collaboration.

We're both very pleased with them, even though we have totaly different taste -in just about everything. 

The trick is that we both get our say in how each of these bracelets is made.

She  brings me the key elements she'd like it to have and then I'm allowed to decide about the rest of it.

It's great fun.

We also made a pair of earrings with some big, beautiful, carved coral flowers -that I couldn't photograph because she wouldn't part with them......

 Now I'm hooked again, so it's quite possible you'll be seeing a few of these around here in the near future....

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  1. Love these two sisters!!!!!!
    ...and their creativity!!!

  2. these look good! I'm sure she'll end up wearing them all the time so they'll last another year and then you'll have to make her some more :-)

  3. All beautiful!
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  4. Love your work! You took very good product picture and the bracelet will make another year of constant wear!


  5. Very pretty. I especially like the blue one. They look like fun to make too.

  6. These are all so wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the way you and your sister love each other! Seen it live and it is touching!

  8. Such lovely bracelets ~ especially the first one with the butterfly. Great photos!

  9. no problem ! I like them ! Let your creativity flow !


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