Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nautical Circle Brooch - Newly Listed

I don't know why these seem a bit Christmas-y to me.....

Maybe it's the red and white.

Or the snow-flakey stitching on this one.

Or maybe it's because I'm feeling the Christmas spirit early this year.

It is, after all,  the most wonderful  time of the year...just like the song says.

In any case, I've got my own set of these and they've been my sole choice of accessory lately.

The pictured set is now listed in the shop.


  1. Very cute and creative. What a good gift idea!

  2. These pin brooches are so lovely and cheerful! :D

  3. They are so lovely, Gia!!!!!
    I can really relate to wearing your favorite creations yourself... I'm doing that all the time too! We have to spoil ourselves a little too, don't we? ;)

  4. Mmm, they also look like candies! And the American flag! You have made something like 3 in 1 :) that's what inspiration and imagination are about!


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