Friday, 9 March 2012


The beautiful Stela of Stelabird blog was the winner of the  OnePerfectDay January give-away . 

Her prize arrived safely and here are the great pictures she posted. Just the brooch, and the brooch worn on her favourite mustard cardigan.

Love those polka dots!

Here is were you can read the post on Stela's blog.


  1. πανεμορφο.. σα το εκοψε πρωι πρωι απο τον κηπο της και να το καρφιτσωσε στη κιτρινη ζακετα ;)

  2. I know it may go in some people's minds, but I have a personal aversion to mustard yellow and pastel pink. Here's the story. I was 16 and told my homecoming date that I was wearing a pale pink dress to the dance. He showed up to my house wearing a mustard yellow suit. Yes, some memories haunt you forever . . .

  3. Thanks for sharing this Gia! I'm so happy to have one of your brooches in my life!

  4. isn't that a lovely thing to say....!
    Thank you Stela.


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