Friday, 27 July 2012

Softest Champagne Silk Ruffle Cuff

The silk used for this cuff was such a joy to work with. 
In the most subtle of golds and soft as a baby kitten, it's most definately a favourite.

There's also some of my grandmother's prized crochet lace there.
I'm sure I've mentioned her before. She was a wizard with a hook.
 A real master.

Every time I see her handiwork I regret not learning to crochet from her when I had the chance.

So I use the precious stash I have judiciously.

I've also used some natural cotton ribbon in an antique white.
It's quite stiff to begin with, but every time it's worn, it gets softer and softer untill it's smooth and silky.

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  1. Lovely!! the antique whit and the handmade crochet lace are making it as beautiful as soft that it is ..

  2. Love the colour and the design - very delicate.


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