Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Total Gold Organza Flower Hair Clips

I'm absolutely in love with this gold organza.
I tend to go through colour crushes that last a while and then fade away until the next one. 
It probably shows in this blog from time to time too.
It definately shows through my flowers.

Golden Organza Flower - Fairytale Flower

So this golden yellow is my latest colour obsession and I've made an assortment of different flowers with it so far.
But this one is my newest style and one of the very first flowers with stamens that I made -which I have found out that I adore!

Golden Organza Flower  Hair Clip - Set Of 2 - Fairytale Flower

I was thinking of something glamorous for a bride - be it for a fall wedding or not - and I reasoned that you can't get more glamorous then gold.

Golden Flower Hair Clip - Fairytale Flower

So the result was a set of two hair clips in total gold. Lustrous metallic gold stamen paired with golden yellow organza.
Gold excess!

Fairytale Flower - Gold Organza Flower

The look adorable clipped together but just one can stand perfectly well on its own.

What do you think?
Would they look good on a bride on her big day? 

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