Saturday, 6 May 2017

Fairytale Flower Keyring with Burgundy Leaves

This caramel and lilac keyring/bagcharm is the one I currently have my keys on. It's the one I kept for myself from this batch and I just can't get enough of this specific colour combination. It really makes my day!

It's pretty big, I can tell you! It measures almost 12 cm and yet it weighs next to nothing!
That's because the petals themselves are extremely light, the fabric of the leaves is also light and there is no heavy centre to weigh it down. When I add beads to the centre -which I adore!- there is a bit of extra weight added to the keyring. Not that it's ever a real problem, as the weight is still negligable, but, the heavier the beading, the more weight added overall.

There were 2 other similar keyrings, one with red linen leaves and one with pink satin leaves and they have already found their new homes long since.

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