Tuesday 15 May 2012

First Ever Organza Flower Key Ring

An organza-flower-and-leaves collage for your keys - it's been on my list forever. So I'm thrilled to finally make one!

This is actually a gift for a friend who's not the kind of girl to wear organza flowers on her person -incomprehensible, I know!

Now she can carry it around with her keys.
The long ribbon is not only for girly bows. It's to help you fish it out of your purse easily.

I've been making a different version of this for my keys for the last few years 
and it's so great to always be able to find your keys on the first try.....(I'll try and make a tutorial for it one of these days.)

The red and pink tones are in tune with my latest red craze that isn't showing any signs of abating.

I teamed it up with the cutest red and white polka dot box I could find.

I wish I'd taken a picture of it with it's pretty purple ribbon.....

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  1. Great idea to use it as a key chain.

  2. Truly beautiful...and it´s red :) My favorite color :)

  3. It is so Fresh and lovely!

  4. What a great new product! Love the red!

  5. This is a great idea! I may not be able to wear flowers to work, but I can still carry my keys on a beautiful flower key chain everyday :)

  6. Oh I do love pink and red together......it's gorgeous.

    I'm sure it will be very much appreciated as keys always seem to get lost in bags!!



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